Friday, January 22, 2010

We don't love Conan, we love what he stands for

Everyone knows about Conan O'Brien and his nasty departure from NBC's Tonight Show. It's one of the Top Ten Trending Topics on Twitter. This week his show's ratings are, by his own account, up 50%. He's truly going out on top.

But why all the love for Conan now? Where was Team CoCo back in August or September or whenever Conan's ratings needed some propping up?

No offense, Conan, but these people don't really love you. They love what you're doing. When unemployment is at 10%, when a new job often means a pay cut, when a pay raise or a $25 gift card from your boss makes the news, we working-class folks can only DREAM of flipping off the boss.

Problem is, if we did that we'd probably get a boot in the butt instead of a $33 million severance package. And we need our jobs.

But we can dream. And we can watch Conan, and we can cheer loudly as he speaks for all the workers who want to stick it to the man.