Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do they like me? I hope they like me

I've had a couple of interviews this week; one with a marketing staffing company and the other with a start up firm. And even though neither is my dream job, I really, realy want to be offered both jobs. I'm that competitive. Or maybe that insecure.

My interview with the marketing staffing company was strange. Really short, really informal...I'm still not convinced about these places. Hopefully this personal meet & greet with the recruiter/staffing coordinator will help them think of me when a client request comes in.

The start up company interview was much longer, much more in depth. I know that I said most of the right things and the sales guy liked me but I also didn't connect fully with the founder/tech lead. We left it vague, so maybe I can do some contract or project work for them.

These experiences left me feeling conflicted (again!). Neither was a perfect fit, but I really wanted them to like me anyway. Maybe I need the ego stroke to prove that quitting my job wasn't a HUGE mistake.

I know I should wait for the perfect job, but is there such a thing?