Monday, October 27, 2008

Are we having fun yet?

The latest big fight my husband and I had was about fun, and how we don't seem to have much of it anymore. Life is really busy, what with work, kids' activities, parents, work, the world series. It's hard to fit it all in! At the end of the day we're just too wiped out to have much fun together. Plus, with babysitters going at $15/hour and my current salary of $0/hour, a night out gets expensive!
Our weekend plans seem to revolve around soccer, birthday parties and church, all of which we're doing for the kids. And, lest you think I'm whining, I know that EVERY parent goes through this. But I do think that we've both changed. I used to be fun; my husband used to be witty. I'd like to get some of this back!
I recently did some research for an article on babysitting co-ops (I'll add the link when it's ready). It's intriguing, but also intimidating. I'm not sure I'd want to be in charge of running a co-op with 20 families, but the idea of free babysitting is so attractive! For now, though, here's what we're trying to do to have fun:
  1. babysitting "swap" with friends who have near-age kids. It's a playdate for the kids and the grown-ups can get a free night out too.
  2. potluck dinners with friends we like. We supply the beer and the place, you bring the pizza and the video for the kids.
  3. early dinner and movie for kids; candlelight dinner and wine for us. (of course, sans the candles because, well, who can be bothered?)
  4. Record SNL so we can stay current on the election but still keep our heads about it. This is a great thing to watch on Sunday nights before we start our week. (Shouldn't have to say it, but we can't stay up to watch it live!)
So far, these things seem to be a good start. But, especially when the news is all doom and gloom, what with the war, the economy and the election, we have to remember that fun starts at home.

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