Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update on the Interviews

Okay, I think it was fifty-fifty on whether they liked me. One offered me the job on the spot and for the other, the sales guy liked me but the owner/techie guy nearly choked when I told him what I think I'm worth. I guess I might need to revise my expectations downwards!

A bit of context: one job was a personal assistant role for a self-employed consultant who is writing a book. There would be some marketing, but there would also be some picking up of the dry cleaning. The other job was doing marketing for a high-tech start-up company.

The truth is, neither job is the right one for me. I am not quite sure what I want, exactly, but working in isolation for really small companies is not it. So I have to stick it out.

But, I'm panicking a little. I am so used to working. I'm comfortable working, I identify with being the working mom. I was the little kid who babysat, had a paper route and took on extra chores to make money...when I was 11. I've been working ever since.

During the interview with the self-employed consultant, I wanted the job. I am like that: impulsive and eager to please. I hate to tell people "no" and I just jump into things without really thinking. That's what got me into this unemployed mess in the first place. Also, patience is not a word usually ascribed to me.

So as I continue on this path--or, reverse commute, as I'm calling it--I have to be patient and say no. Two things that I'm not used to. It's really hard, and it might be easier to just throw in the towel and go back to corporate life.

But in truth, neither job is right for me.

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